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We’re hunting red hinds in the hills of Ardnamurchan in Scotland with stalkers from all over Europe. It’s exactly what Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson hate. This week we look at the two-pronged political attack on deerstalking from the SNP and the Tory party. Nicola wants all the deer shot so she can grow trees all over the Highlands. Boris wants to ban overseas deerstalkers from shooting them. He has widened his new hunting tourism consultation, originally set up to find evidence to ban foreign trophy imports, so that it includes UK deerstalking – trophy exports. We also go to see UK Deer Track & Recovery at work at a Ladies’ Rifle Club event in Gloucestershire. David brings you the latest from the News Stump, and Charlie has Hunting YouTube, all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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To go hillstalking with Niall Rowantree visit
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For more on UK Deer Track & Recovery, go to or find them on YouTube here
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Fieldsports News
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Hunting YouTube

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