Scotland plans huge deer reduction programme

The Scottish Government’s desire to ‘rewild’ the Highlands could lead to the biggest deer cull in UK history. Documents seen by Fieldsports Channel viewers suggest that the Forestry Commission for Scotland is considering a reduction of deer numbers to just 5 per sq km. The idea is thought to come from experiments at the Corrour […]

UKDTR – the deer tracking service UK Deer Track & Recovery Group specialise in just that – from CSI-style investigation of a shot site, to tracking a deer through the undergrowth, to humane dispatch of the animal once found. They offer a free service to stalkers, and will also follow up deer injured on the road. James Marchington joins the […]

Hunting the Scottish hills: Ardnamurchan hind cull

Charlie is out enjoying the Scottish hind cull. German ammunition company RWS, optics manufacturer Swarovski and gunmaker Merkel invite six hunting ‘influencers’ from across Europe to shoot 30 hinds at Ardnamurchan. Niall Rowantree is headstalker on the estate and he explains how management like this keeps the estate going. ▶ To go hillstalking with Niall […]

Fieldsports Britain – Scottish deer cull crisis

We’re hunting red hinds in the hills of Ardnamurchan in Scotland with stalkers from all over Europe. It’s exactly what Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson hate. This week we look at the two-pronged political attack on deerstalking from the SNP and the Tory party. Nicola wants all the deer shot so she can grow trees […]

Boris widens trophy hunting attack to include UK deer

British 'trophy hunter'

The UK government has widened out its ‘trophy hunting’ consultation to include UK deer. It looks like Boris Johnson now plans to stop overseas stalkers from coming to the UK, as well as Britons going overseas to hunt. A spokesman for UK environment department DEFRA confirms that the new consultation will include deerstalking in the […]


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