Fieldsports Britain – Paul’s Bohemian rhapsody

Paul is off to a stag and buck happy hunting ground in Hungary. The beasts are thick on the ground and he has to stalk carefully to get the one he wants. Meanwhile, the black grouse lek is underway in the UK’s uplands and, because of low traffic during lockdown, they are lekking in the middle of the road. News editor Ben O’Rourke meets grouseshooter James Mawle to go in search of the birds. And Charlie has a bird table with a problem. A vermin problem. He gets out the .22 and waits at an upstairs window. There’s Bargain Hunter, David is on the News Stump and Charlie has Hunting YouTube to round up this week’s episode of #FieldsportsBritain

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Hungarian stags

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Black grouse

You can buy Moorland Conservationists for £2.99 and £3.99


Bargain Hunter
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How coronavirus is affecting shooting

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Fieldsports News
Moorland mowing caught on camera –
Gamekeepers stop wildfires –
Vigilante villagers – The Guardian
BASC backs Scottish government lockdown U-turn – The Courier
When can we fish and shoot again? #whenwefishagain – YouTube & Birmingham Mail
GWCT slams government over carrion crows (please note – we accidentally used images of an American long billed curlew in this story, not the Eurasian curlew) – GWCT
Gunmaker spends weeks under self-imposed lockdown – Facebook
Help for gunshops
Shooters raise thousands for carers
Clayshooter with cancer urgently needs to go to the USA #savesarahgray
Swans shot – Newbury Today
Kiwis allowed to hunt on private land – RNZ
Hunting and fishing ‘essential’ in Canadian province – AHN
Indian boy eaten alive by wild pigs – Daily Mail
Unlucky black cats – The Sun

Hunting YouTube

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