Fieldsports Britain – Paul’s Bohemian rhapsody

Paul is off to a stag and buck happy hunting ground in Hungary. The beasts are thick on the ground and he has to stalk carefully to get the one he wants. Meanwhile, the black grouse lek is underway in the UK’s uplands and, because of low traffic during lockdown, they are lekking in the […]

The Bird Table of Doom: Rats and Squirrels

Charlie Jacoby’s bird table has lots of songbirds – but it also attracts rats and squirrels, and he wants them gone. He tries out various methods until he find the one that works: the .22 rimfire.

Lockdown lekking: black grouse in the road

  Grouseshooter James Mawle is one of the most passionate grouse conservationists in the UK. He takes Ben O’Rourke for a walk around his ground in Yorkshire to look for black grouse, which are lekking. Because of the 2020 coronavirus lockdown, there are hardly any cars and the birds are able to go back to […]

Hunting big Hungarian red stags

UK deerstalker Paul Childerley heads to Hungary, where he is spoiled for choice. There are big bucks and huge red stags around every corner. The trick is choosing the right one. ▶ Paul uses a Sako rifle. For more about Sako, visit ▶ For Sako rifle accessories on Amazon, visit ▶ For Sako’s […]

Is Bradford Council killing more baby birds? – Fieldsports News, 29 April 2020

Here are the links: Moorland mowing caught on camera – Gamekeepers stop wildfires – Vigilante villagers – The Guardian BASC backs Scottish government lockdown U-turn – The Courier When can we fish and shoot again? #whenwefishagain – YouTube & Birmingham Mail GWCT slams government over carrion crows (please note – we accidentally used […]

Rabbit hunting in Essex with a cheetah

Rabbit hunting in Essex with a cheetah

We take a three-year-old male cheetah out after rabbits in Essex and hunting with cats is just one of the ways round the laughable hunting ban. We look at some other ways as we count down to repeal of the ban, including taking an eagle out hunting because falconry is exempt from the ban and […]


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