Fieldsports Britain – Niall deals with Scotland’s sika swarm

Deer expert Niall Rowantree looks at Scottish red deer and how sika deer are affecting them. He stalks both in order to tell their stories. It’s the last in our Aliens & Natives mini series looking at Scotland’s four deer species. Plus we have a story about hen harriers on grouse moors. The birds are thriving, which will enrage Chris Packham. H likes it when they are dying so he can blame gamekeepers. It’s thanks to gamekeepers they are doing so well.

We have our new survey. This week it’s boots. We deliver the results of our survey. And Charlie goes crow shooting on a pig farm in Somerset. David has his usual seat on the News Stump and Charlie’s Hunting YouTube covers the rest of the world of hunting and shooting on YouTube. It’s all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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Sika and reds
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To go deerstalking with Niall, visit

Hen harriers
Here are the links to the people who took part:
Moorland Association

Crow shoot
To go crow shooting with Matt, email

Pulsar Helion 2
from Scott Country


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Fieldsports News

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Natural England toys with wildfowling ban – BASC press release
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Skint sab ‘media portal’ attacks police again – Fieldsports News
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Spanish hunters help capture Rambo – Facebook
Africa’s safari tour companies devastated by lockdown – Reuters
Activists arrested after burying deadstock in farm CEO’s garden – Facebook + local news
Asia’s earliest known arrowheads – Science News

Hunting YouTube

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