Scotland bans hare shooting This is also available as a podcast   Animal rights activists have pushed a ban on mountain hare shooting through the Scottish parliament, even though the animal is in pest proportions in some areas. Green MSP Alison Johnstone lodged an amendment to the Animals and Wildlife Bill at Stage 3 requesting that mountain hares […]

How hen harriers benefit from grouse moors

  Followers of BBC celebrity Chris Packham are probably used to hearing stories of doom and gloom on Britain’s moors. This is not one of them. Packham is a fierce critic of grousemoor management, waging what most gamekeepers describe as a ‘relentless campaign of misinformation’. In return, he accuses gamekeepers of killing birds of prey. […]

Crow shoot: 180-bird day

  Matt Turley and Nigel White know how to put on a good day. It’s 100-200 birds and it only costs £20 for the day. Matt looks after corvid control at a pig farm outside Taunton in Somerset. The pig nuts are popular with the birds, so you can shoot as often as you like […]

Hares on the edge in Scotland – Fieldsports News, 17 June 2020

Here are the links: Greens ban blue hare shooting in Scotland – Fieldsports News Are birdwatchers allowed to disturb nests? – Aberdeen Press & Journal Natural England toys with wildfowling ban – BASC press release Derbyshire police dismiss hunt sabs ‘exposé’ as nonsense – Facebook Natural England refuses individual gull licences Fieldsports News + Facebook […]

Best hunting boots for men

There are so many walking boots, so many makes and models. So which do you choose? Well, there is one clear winner among Fieldsports Channel’s viewers, with nearly a quarter of the market. And we will come to that at the end of this piece. Out of the 3,500 responses we had to our Fieldtester […]

Fieldsports Britain – Niall deals with Scotland’s sika swarm

  Deer expert Niall Rowantree looks at Scottish red deer and how sika deer are affecting them. He stalks both in order to tell their stories. It’s the last in our Aliens & Natives mini series looking at Scotland’s four deer species. Plus we have a story about hen harriers on grouse moors. The birds […]

Natural England toys with wildfowling ban

Wildfowling in England in 2020 could be banned because of Natural England bureaucracy and Wild Justice’s legal threats against pigeonshooting. After Wild Justice’s lawyers threatened the government in spring 2019, Natural England ended the system of shooting birds under general licences on on what it terms ‘European protected sites’, or on land within 300 metres […]

Aliens & Natives, with Niall Rowantree

Deer expert Niall Rowantree discusses Scotland’s four deer species, two aliens and two natives, their natural history and how to manage them. Niall starts with the roe deer. What makes the animal so loved by deerstalkers and even wildlife-watchers? He looks at roe deer management and hunting, natural history and even some of the stories […]


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