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It’s Crowman and Camoboy – two pigeon shooting superheroes out in a hide to protect a bean crop from the grey horde. Today, Crow tackles the problem that most of the birds coming in are stock doves, which are protected, so he has to take his shots carefully. Plus we have the results of our binoculars survey – which are the most popular binos among Fieldsports Channel viewers? And what’s going on at Natural England? The government agency is not issuing gull licences, which is bad news for rare groundnesting birds on moorland, buildings where their nests are a fire risks, and even holidaymakers at the seaside. Ben investigates. Meanwhile, in the week BBC Countryfile admits it hates the countryside and we are all a bunch of racists, David reads the news from the News Stump, and Charlie assembles this week’s Hunting YouTube, celebrating the week’s best and most talked-about hunting films on YouTube, all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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Fieldsports News
BBC Countryfile accuses countryside of racism – Fieldsports News
British venison survey from the NGO – click here
Media attacks on UK gamekeepers spread – Scottish Mail on Sunday
RSPB under fire for Orkney traps practice – Facebook
UK government accused of backtracking on badger culls – anti badger cull website
Hunts from all over the world flock to join virtual show –
Cops confiscate car after anglers catch carp – Facebook
Shooters now need ‘medical declarations’ in Wales – BASC
Olight donates PPE to NHS and now to you – email
Europeans push anti-hunting agenda on France – BirdGuides
Rhino meat could hit South Africa’s dinner tables – South African newspaper
TikToker arrested after fishy social media challenge – TikTok

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