Shooting seagulls: how Natural England has got it wrong

Ben O’Rourke It’s a sunny Friday afternoon in the sleepy seaside town of Hunstanton, Norfolk. With the end of the coronavirus lockdown in sight, families are out on the beach, enjoying the loosening of government restrictions. But Gary Baxter is in no mood to celebrate. “Can somebody at Natural England please tell me what is […]

Best shotgun chokes for pigeon shooting, by Andy Crow

  It’s a lovely afternoon’s pigeon shooting. Some birds are close – some are far away. So how does a pigeon shooting expert like Andy Crow choose his chokes? Here is his guide. Using a decent cartridge on decoys, Andy uses quarter chokes in both barrels. He is shooting long birds with that, out to […]

Best hunting binoculars

  It’s our Fieldtester binoculars survey. We sent out the survey during coronavirus lockdown and got more than 3,500 responses. Of these, we had over 600 responses to our binoculars survey. And the results? You certainly spend money on optics. Around half of you own one of the three most expensive brands: Zeiss, Swarovski, or […]

Stock dove or woodpigeon? Andy Crow’s guide

  Crow is shooting pigeons over a bean crop. His big problem today are the stock doves. Even though they outnumber the woodpigeons ten-to-one, they are protected. So how can you tell what’s a stock dove when it is flying towards you at over 30 miles per hour? Plus what does he do with the […]

Fieldsports Britain – a gentle afternoon shooting pigeons

  It’s Crowman and Camoboy – two pigeon shooting superheroes out in a hide to protect a bean crop from the grey horde. Today, Crow tackles the problem that most of the birds coming in are stock doves, which are protected, so he has to take his shots carefully. Plus we have the results of […]


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