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The fallow rut is starting in the south of England, the red rut in Scotland, two deerstalkers go out in each to bag a buck and a stag. Roy Lupton is our fallow-antler clatterer, hunting down the perfect cull buck in Sussex. Meanwhile, in the North Highlands of Scotland, Charlie is on the hill to shoot a good red, with the help of pro stalker John Dodd. That’s not all: we have the results of our airgun scope survey, and the results of recent prize draws to win pheasant shooting and an Evo catapult set-up. News editor Ben O’Rourke delves into the RSPB’s finances ahead of its AGM this week, Charlie finds the best hunting videos on YouTube for Hunting YouTube, and David is on the News Stump. It is all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

Here are the links to the individual items in this show:

Fallow rut
For Sako’s Powerhead Blade, go to

Red rut
For John’s website, visit
Ammunition is Winchester Ballistic Silvertip in .308, 150-grain bullet
Rifle is a Browning X-bolt

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Fieldsports News

Here are the links:
Channel 4 steps up anti-shooting campaign with mindless muirburn ‘scoop’ – Channel 4
MI5 Creates New Left-Wing Terrorism Unit – The Point
Queen to announce end of trophy hunting imports, antis claim – Independent
African people make YouTube appeal: keep hunting – YouTube
Gamebirds a threat to snakes – Guardian
Angry anglers began legal battle against Natural England – BASG
Farmer takes own life after RSPCA complaint – Stoke Sentinel
Eagle eyes England for a break from bonny Scotland – Moorland Association
Ban for Belgium hunters after decoy discovery – Brussels Times
Los Angeles ordered to pay NRA after losing free speech case – Free Beacon
Māori huntress teaches women rifle survival skills – YouTube
American shortbread sold as Scottish 🙂

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