Grouse shooting biased report – Fieldsports News, 7 October 2020


Here are the links:
Channel 4 steps up anti-shooting campaign with mindless muirburn ‘scoop’ – Channel 4
MI5 Creates New Left-Wing Terrorism Unit – The Point
Queen to announce end of trophy hunting imports, antis claim – Independent
African people make YouTube appeal: keep hunting – YouTube
Gamebirds a threat to snakes – Guardian
Angry anglers began legal battle against Natural England – BASG
Farmer takes own life after RSPCA complaint – Stoke Sentinel
Eagle eyes England for a break from bonny Scotland – Moorland Association
Ban for Belgium hunters after decoy discovery – Brussels Times
Los Angeles ordered to pay NRA after losing free speech case – Free Beacon
Māori huntress teaches women rifle survival skills – YouTube
American shortbread sold as Scottish 🙂

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