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Meet the badger, the raven, the fallow doe and the man who keeps them in his house: the headkeeper. David Whitby kicks off our new series, called ‘The Headkeeper’, about how he runs a Sussex estate. This week: dogging in using a goshawk. Meanwhile, Charlie is going shooting. He is on the fabulous Ashcombe estate in Devon. Charlie also presents the best hunting videos on YouTube for Hunting YouTube, ‘Hallo Charlie!’ is back, and David brings you the latest on the News Stump. It’s all in #FieldsportsBritain

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The Headkeeper
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Ashcombe Estate
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Fieldsports News

Here are the links:
Driven shooting to be banned during English lockdown – Fieldsports News
Hunting Office falls in with lockdown measures but angling fights for exemption – Fieldsports News
Government caves in to Wild Justice over pheasants – Fieldsports News
Grouse shooters fund rural businesses – Facebook
Scottish stalking hit hard by coronavirus – ADMG
Bushing film provokes anger
Antis march on Buckingham Palace
Ireland bans shooting and stalking – Fieldsports News
Coursing clubs should ‘release hares’ – Fieldsports News
US gun sales win during election year – PDF

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