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Paul Childerley shows how gamekeeping is not just one job. It’s a whole series of roles that amount to a bright future for wildlife in our woodlands and wild places. He is out feeding pheasants and ducks, which benefit all kinds of birds and animals on his shoot in Bedfordshire. Plus he is trying out the latest Zeiss thermal and an elderly .410 to shoot squirrels. Fewer squirrels means less tree damage. On the other side of the country, Ollie Williams is trying to get on top of his roe doe cull in Cornwall. It’s another frosty morning and he ends up shooting two in quick succession. News editor Ben O’Rourke investigates the UK government’s plans for game meat – they are planning to stop shooters selling a few brace of pheasants to pubs. In future they will have to go to approved game dealers. Charlie offers the best hunting videos on YouTube in Hunting YouTube, and David has the latest on the News Stump. Watch it all in #FieldsportsBritain

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Fieldsports News

Here are the links:
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Pet theft surge may soon be over – Daily Mail
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Sweden ‘must vote against’ EU lead ban – Fieldsports News
Falconers to pay up to US$100k to hunt bustard – Arab News
Stag tangles with Christmas decorations – The Scotsman

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