Country people plan anti SNP demos

Members of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association are planning local protests in the run-up to the 2021 Scottish elections. Reacting to the SNP government’s attack on grousemoors, country people will campaign against the nationalist politicians who want to end their way of life.

The SGA says it has dealt with an unprecedented number of calls, messages and other communications through the night, since the Scottish Government decision to move to an immediate licensing of driven grouse moors.

The SGA planned to hold a protest demonstration outside Scottish Parliament, but cancelled it because of covid restrictions. “Covid-19 has meant sacrifices for all and our members were in agreement that no protest should be held as the country deals with the pandemic,” says SGA chairman Alex Hogg.

“It is clear that members wish their democratic right to protest not to be denied.”

Hogg adds: “People take to the streets when they feel they are no longer being listened to. That is where our members are right now and this is the message we have received loud and clear since yesterday’s events in Holyrood, and leading up to this.

“Since the Scottish Parliament was built, few sectors have been scrutinised like ours, not just the grouse sector but deer, low ground shoots, salmon rivers, everything to do with our way of life. It is relentless and it is affecting people and the health of their loved ones. We are now being blamed for climate change and the nature ’emergency’ by politicians in Scotland’s Parliament. When things get to that level, it is dangerous. All perspective has been lost.

“Our members will no longer be political low hanging fruit or a community to be sacrificed because some politicians want to right old wrongs that we had nothing to do with. Our members are living, breathing human beings with hopes and fears like everyone else but they are being treated like a minority group who are fair game to be attacked at every turn, even in the chambers of our Parliament.

“We will engage with Scottish Government on licensing, when the time is right, but our members want to have their say and it is only correct that they should be allowed to do so.”

The SGA plans to keep members updated over the coming weeks, with protests set to happen in 2021 and ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections.

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