Fieldsports Britain – a buck in your sights

We get close to the action as deerstalker Nigel Appleton goes out with Tom Davies from Dartmoor Deer Services after a roebuck. Nigel won the stalking outing in a competition in our Tuesday night show, Fieldsports Extra. Meanwhile, the South Somerset Ferreters need to feed their ferrets – and their ferreting season is over. Jaf Jefferson and the team go out rabbit shooting with lamps and night vision. We look at how to bring back grey partridge numbers with the help of Mike Swan from the GWCT. The answer is more snares and rifles. David is on the News Stump with the latest news, and Charlie rounds up the best hunting and shooting videos from YouTube this week in Hunting YouTube. Watch it all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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Hunting YouTube

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