Fieldsports Britain – Driven partridge with a tank, wildfowling and lamping

For the programme this week, our arsenal includes a Spartan armoured car, a double rifle converted to goose gun and two Harris hawks. And what a bag: two foxes, four rabbits, a selection of Norfolk partridges and the reachiest pinkfoot goose you may ever have seen. We’re shooting driven birds with the Light Dragoons next to Sandringham in Norfolk (they’re the ones who bring the tank), we are out on the Solway Firth with the Wigtown Bay Wildfowlers, and our falconer/foxshooter Roy Lupton is lamping with hawk and gun. This is the real countryside!

Here are the links:

▶ Partridge with tanks

▶ Wildfowling

▶ Rabbiting with a hawk

▶ Shares
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