Fieldsports Britain – how gamekeepers run the countryside

When Geoff Garrod started gamekeeping in the 1970s, techniques were different. Today he is a wildlife guardian as much as a ‘pheasant presenter’. He looks back over his Keepers Diary DVDs, which he made 15 years ago, to show where gamekeeping is today, and what it does for the countryside. Meanwhile, Taras from the UKraine is back with an update. The Kyiv gunshop owner is using his kit and his skills to fight the Russians, and he tells how. And Josh McKeown from Braces of Bristol explains how to use quad sticks for rifleshooting. We are giving away a camo suit from David is on the news stump and Charlie has the best of YouTube on Hunting YouTube. It’s more from your weekly #FieldsportsBritain



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