Hunt sabs in the dock – Fieldsports News, 20 April 2022

Here are the links:

  • Sabs face trial over Boxing Day hunt clash – BBC
  • Peak District gamekeepers reject blue hare study – Fieldsports News
  • Welsh anglers convicted after two decades of illegal fishing – Tivyside Advertiser
  • Foxhunting supporter confronts Northern Irish politician – Facebook
  • Cairngorms’ anti-wildlife plan protest – Facebook
  • Hunting stands smashed – Facebook
  • Irish deer RTA success – Wild Deer Association of Ireland
  • Court revokes ban on turtle dove hunting in Malta – Times of Malta
  • US hunters dismiss fears over wolf numbers – NPR
  • Hunters shoot two African elephants – Facebook
  • Rabid fox bites nine people in US capital – Twitter
  • Alligator under citizens’ arrest – NBC


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