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It’s Dan Thor’s beaters’ day – the big day for all the people who have put hard work into the pheasant season producing wonderful birds for guns, when they get to shoot the birds themselves. Find out how he gets on at Brent Pelham in Hertfordshire. We also preview the British Shooting Show, and we slash and burn our way into the issue of ‘tax break trees’. News correspondent Deborah Hadfield talks to locals on the Tayvallich estate in Scotland, as well as Welsh farmer Gareth Wyn Jones and Gareth Dockerty from BASC. We are giving away a gin from the shooting-friendly Elevenses Distillery priced at £145. Chris Packham wants to sue us, David is sitting on the news stump, and James Marchington has put together the best hunting videos on YouTube in Hunting YouTube. Keep it #FieldsportsBritain


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