Fieldsports Britain – Dead man’s click

It’s the sound every shooter dreads. Nicole Moore is lined up on her first muntjac as the light fades, she squeezes the trigger and… click! Meanwhile, Charlie Jacoby is out on an action-packed ratting job with the West Lancs Rat Pack. And he investigates trophy import bans at the Safari Club International convention to find out how much of a threat they are. Got £800 to spend on a shotgun? Dan Bibb from Shooting Sports UK compares new vs secondhand. Plus we are giving away a knife and sharpener set and a Kuiu rucksack, David is on the news stump, and James Marchington has the best hunting videos on YouTube in Hunting YouTube. It’s all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

Here are the links to the individual items in this show:

Hunting YouTube

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