Lead ban delayed – Fieldsports News, 7 February 2024

Here are the links: Lead ban delayed BASC Pheasant release restrictions to be less burdensome Countryside Alliance Farming Britain show launched on YouTube Click here to watch Ledbury Hunt Golden Button Challenge Facebook Fishing film festival Vimeo Australian duck hunters fight off ban 9News.com.au Canada deer cull backfires Vancouver Sun and Facebook Native vs invasive deer […]

Nicole Moore shoots her first muntjac

Nicole Moore is out in Oxfordshire with her friend and Fieldsports Nation member Stuart Collett. They’re after a roe doe, although Nicole would be even happier with a muntjac, as she has never shot one. They see plenty of roe, but nothing that’s in season and offers a shot. Then, just as the light fades, […]

Fieldsports Britain – Dead man’s click

It’s the sound every shooter dreads. Nicole Moore is lined up on her first muntjac as the light fades, she squeezes the trigger and… click! Meanwhile, Charlie Jacoby is out on an action-packed ratting job with the West Lancs Rat Pack. And he investigates trophy import bans at the Safari Club International convention to find […]

All-action ratting with smoke and dogs

Smoke and dogs: those are the main sporting equipment that the West Lancs Rat Pack uses. And the results are explosive. Today’s venue is a large pile of rotting grain near Wigan. Farmers used to plough this back into the ground. Nowadays, it’s more ‘sustainable’ to leave it to rot. It’s certainly good and sustainable […]

Trophy import bans: are they contagious?

Canada and Belgium have brought in partial bans on trophy imports, and the UK and France are talking about it. Despite the damage they are causing to conservation, animal rights organisations are committed to spending their money on more bans. Meanwhile, hunting organisations are fighting back, and more and more hunters are buying replica trophies […]

Shotguns for £800 – should you buy new or used?

You’ve got a budget of £800 to buy a shotgun; should you buy new, or pick a nice secondhand example? We asked Dan Bibb of Shooting Sports UK to show us the options. He has two very different guns in stock that fit the bill: a secondhand Browning 425, and a brand new ATA SP. […]


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