Fieldsports Britain – Emotional first roebuck

You never forget your first roebuck. Deborah is out with the Artemis stalking group, hoping to shoot her first deer in the Scottish Borders – and yes, it’s emotional. Woke Watch: the government has banned its own Forestry Commission from using lead bullets on squirrels, so they’re shooting them with copper .223s. We try a test batch on foxes and the results ain’t pretty. Plus we have a terrifying story of a granny gundog trainer tackled by armed police for using a dummy launcher. Plus James Marchington is back at Terry Doe’s Airgun Academy, learning to adjust his trigger. Meredyth nudges David off the Fieldsports News stump, the latest episode of Farming Britain is out, and James brings you the latest YouTube hunting films in this week’s Hunting YouTube. It’s all in this week’s Fieldsports Britain.


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