Fieldsports Britain – Mantrap, cannon and who is stealing peregrines?

In this week’s Fieldsports Britain, we have a mantrap, a cannon, an England rugby star, a German with a riflescope, a look behind the scenes of the guntrade, the illegal trade in birds of prey and Bernard Cribbins (not the illegal trade in Bernard Cribbins – that’s quite different). It can only be our review of the CLA Game Fair 2011.

* James Haskell is a member of Team Musto, along with shooter Charlotte Kerwood, horsewoman and royal Zara Phillips and yachtie Ellen Macarthur. His instructor John Bidwell can be found at High Lodge shooting ground in Suffolk.
* The results of and Smiths-Gore’s new shoot benchmarking survey is available as a PDF
* Fishing for Heroes eventually set a new casting record of 141 miles 809 yards 18in over 6 hours a day for three days. Ow!
* Doug Florent tooks us for a tour of the British gun trade, including Francis Lovel who has recently bought the fine firm of Atkin Grant & Lang, and Edward King who runs ASI Ltd, which imports AYA shotguns. Doug’s own firm is the Oxford Gun Company.
* Bernard Cribbins recently appeared in Hugh Miles’s excellent fishing film Catching The Impossible, which is available on DVD
* The winner of the TransK9 dogbox competition for best shaggy dog story and photograph is Graham Paterson with his Labrador Storm. Thanks to all who entered. Click here for a full list of nominations and the winner.
* If you keep records of your shoot and want to help the GWCT, look up its National Gamebag Census
* Peter Carr edits Sporting Rifle magazine which has its own iPad app
* There are lots examples of the RSPB’s continued poisonous attitude towards any non-RSPB group connected with birds, including falconers and gamekeepers. The RSPB says we pose a ‘threat’ to peregrines. Roy Lupton is our own falconry expert. Dr Nick Fox runs International Wildlife Consultants
* The JCB Workmax 800D launched this year

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