Gavin Gardiner talks about guns at his 2019 Gleneagles sale – FieldsportsChannel Podcast episode 9

Your Scottish sporting week should be matched with a great gun. THE place to shop for them is the Gleneagles gun auction in Perthshire. Gun auctioneer Gavin Gardner talks about guns coming up in his 26 August 2019 sale at Gleneagles Hotel, including Edward Sutton’s Stephen Grant pinfire, a Holland & Holland stalking rifle in .240 Apex, and a David McKay Brown single-trigger over-and-under 12-bore. Plus he offers advice on what makes a great sporting gun, and what to look for at auction today. Gavin is talking to Charlie Jacoby at the Carter Jonas Game Fair Theatre at Hatfield House in July 2019.

Gavin Gardiner’s sale of Fine Modern and Vintage Sporting Guns is at Gleneagles Hotel, Auchterarder, Perthshire, on Monday 26 August 2019, starting at 5pm. Visit

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