Precision Rifle Series part 1 – Fieldsports Ireland episode 13


When your hunting season is only six months long what do you do during the summer to keep your skills up to scratch? How abut PRS or Precision Rifle Shooting? Jason Doyle and his shooting partner Daniel O’Flaherty are kitting themselves out with some new gear and taking to the 1,000-yard range at Midland National Shooting Centre of Ireland (MNSCI) to give it ago.

Precision Rifle Series is a long-range target-shooting match that started life in North America. It is now a huge series with regional and national matches.

Normally the courses of fire are shot between 200 and 1200 yards but nothing is set in stone. There could be a moving target shot freehand standing at 25 or 50 yards as part of the days shooting. The targets to be shot vary from steel to paper to reactive targets and the distances and time constraints change from match to match.

Shooters are required to shoot from multiple conventional shooting positions, including standing, kneeling, sitting and prone. They will also have to shoot from built props such as fences, gates and mounds of earth. You need to know your rifle and ballistics inside out and be well practised to be prepared for any real life hunting scenario.

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