Jason Doyle

10-step boot-fitting guide

  Professional deer manager Jason Doyle bashes his boots to bits. He explains how to make sure a boot fits you, before you commit to

Hornady Precision Hunter

The Precision Hunter cartridge from Hornady is only the delivery vehicle for its ELD-X bullet range. Anything you read about Precision Hunter should dwell on

Setting up pigeon decoys

  While waiting for the sun to finish off the crops why not practice your skills at hide building and decoy patterns to see what

Chorizo venison burger recipe

Chorizo venison burger recipe

  John Griffin gives us his recipe for chorizo venison burgers the way butchers do them on a larger scale. Using the trimmings he saves

Hooded up for hoodie shooting

Hooded crows (grey crows in Ireland) are coming into a farmer’s shed and stealing cattle feed – but they are wily. In the latest of

Deer: from Field to Freezer

   Jason is guiding a friend, Daniel, on his first sika deer. Sika deer were introduced to Co Wicklow in 1860 and quickly became

Irish keeper’s day

Jason Doyle and his girlfriend Carly join the Shelton Abbey Shoot in Co Wicklow for the end-of-season keeper’s day, where the gamekeeper gets to thank

Irish pigeon roost shoot

In the latest of his Wild Wing Shooting series, Jason Doyle is after pigeons with the Jenkinstown Gun Club, helping look after a a woodland

Norfolk muntjac stalking

Jason Doyle takes Irish friend John Foxton deerstalking in Norfolk with Henry Skeffington. They are after muntjac as a swap hunt. Henry has already come

Irish rough shoot

In the latest of his Wild Wing Shooting series, Jason Doyle is shooting pheasants and, well, whatever he comes across with Matt Jarvis, a Londoner

How do moderators work?

Jason Doyle tales his Hausken moderator apart to show just how simple it is. Plus he shoots it with and without mesh to hear the

Pigeon decoying over oilseed rape

Irish pigeonshooting guru Stephen Dunbar talks Jason Doyle through a December day over oilseed rape. The pigeons are feeding on and damaging the crop. With

On Test: Ridgeline Clothing

Will O’Meara and Jason Doyle go on a two-day backpack hunt in the Wicklow Mountains in winter weather conditions. They are after sika as part

Stalking stags in Argyllshire

The steep hills and deep glens of the Dalness Estate in Argyllshire are the setting for Jason Doyle to take his cousin Larry out stalking

Irish Snipe Shooting

Come to the West Coast of Ireland for superb snipe shooting. As part of his Wild Wing series in Ireland, Jason Doyle tries it out.

Speedy French wild boar

For years, Jason Doyle has been looking for good-value, good-quality driven boarshooting in Europe. He reckons he has found it at Keiler.fr This item appears

On Test: best shotguns by Rizzini

This item appears on YouTube in Fieldsports Britain, episode 519 Fcha.nl/fieldsportsbritain519 Jason Doyle enjoys a day’s pheasant and partridge shooting at Druid’s Lodge in the

River Bush Salmon

The Bushmills Atlantic Salmon Research Centre is finding out what’s happening to Atlantic salmon growing up, leaving and returning to Northern Ireland. Jason Doyle meets

Co Wexford Wildfowling

Jason Doyle goes back to basics – he is decoying teal and widgeon and shooting them in the marshes of Co Wexford, part of his

Clouds of Irish Pigeons

It’s a hot day on standing barley and pigeons are coming in thick and fast. Jason Doyle sets up in the middle of the field

Sligo Trout Fishing during Mayfly

The mayfly hatch in Ireland like nowhere else. Jason Doyle is fishing for trout with Brendan Sharkey in Sligo during the mayfly season, and looks

Practise your Shooting on a Drone

What’s your lead when you are shooting different cartridges? You can find out by shooting a drone trailing balloons. Jason Doyle tries it out… just

Crow Buck

What a combination: Andy Crow and Jason Doyle head out roestalking on a lovely warm day in the south of England. Andy is sponsored by:

Goose Shoot

Around 400 canada and greylag geese are landing on a stubble field in Bedfordshire. The farmer wants them moved on, so he calls on Paul

Hunting bear with hounds

Hunting bear with hounds

It is one of the greatest hunting hound sports in the world – and you are not allowed to do it anymore. We’re on one


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