Superb Irish driven pheasant shooting – Fieldsports Ireland, episode 4

For Fieldsports Ireland episode 4, Jason Doyle is pheasant shooting and red stag stalking. They are tall, Irish birds at the Shelton Abbey shoot in Co Wicklow. He is trying out a Benelli over-and-under, the 828U, and Gamebore’s Black Gold cartridges. The 828U is adjustable, so he looks at it in more detail – what he thinks of it, how it works and how you can tweak it.

For the stags, he leaves Ireland for Scotland for a spot of budget stalking. He is on the Dalness Estate in Argyll with his cousin Larry and stalker Colin Fraser. As well as an exciting stalk, there’s the extraction, which is done by garron at Dalness. Jason also answers the question: how do you take guns from Ireland to Scotland? He explains the process, recommending Stenalines, which allows you to bring both rifles and ammunition (some airlines/ferry companies allow just guns, not ammo, and Ryanair does not fly guns or ammo).

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Gamebore supplies the cartridges
Benelli 828U came from
Clothing from Jack Pyke
Jason is also sponsored by Enforcer Pigeon Decoys

Benelli 828U
How to fit it to you


To go stalking at Dalness, visit

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