Is this the end of the .22 rimfire? – Fieldtester, episode 10

We have seen non-lead ammunition work in a range of fullbore rifles, but does it work in rimfires? Tim Pilbeam tries out lead-free bullets in .22s and .17HMR – and the results for the .22 are disastrous. Unless the ammunition industry can produce workable non-toxic bullets for rimfires, and if the creeping lead ban finds its way to small-calibre rifles, this could be the end of probably the world’s most popular rifle calibre.

David Wright and Roy Lupton join Tim on the Fieldtester range, and this show covers whether or not you need expensive binos, how to choose a rifle calibre, plus the results of our Steel vs Barrels challenge: do 10,000 cartridges shot through a Yildiz Steel Sporter 12-bore damage its barrels?

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