Non lead rimfire bullets – is this the end of the .22?

What happens if they ban lead ammo for rimfires? Tim Pilbeam tests non toxic ammunition for .22 and .17HMR. While the .17HMR results are OK, the .22 results are disastrous. Does this mark the end of one of the world’s most popular calibres?

Tim tries out the following rounds:
Non-toxic Winchester 15.5gr,
Hornady 17gr V-MAX 17HMR lead-free
CCI 17gr CCI
26-grain Winchester Varmint LF in .22
24-grain RWS High Velocity Green in .22

Tim’s results come in the same week that the UK’s National Smallbore Rifle Association comes out against a lead bullet ban.  

In addition to our video, Jon Bailey from Staffordshire shop Bailey’s Shooting tests Norma Eco Speed:

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