Will steel bust your barrels? – Fieldtester, episode 3


Some shotguns are steel-proofed, others aren’t, but what happens to your barrels when you put a lot of steel shells through them? In this episode of Fieldtester, we have 10,000 Eley steel carriages to put through a brand new Yildiz SPZME Black Edition 12ga shotgun. Find out what we plan and how we will test the gun after you, the viewers, have done the shooting. For this is a community challenge. If Nottinghamshire is handy for you, you can take part. Simply book a shooting at outing at Orston Shooting Ground.

That’s not all. Tim Pilbeam gets his hands on the first Leica PRS long-range riflescope to come to the UK. Fieldtester also reveals the best night vision for under £1,000, thanks to Robbie Sheddon at Cluny Country Guns. Matt Simpson from Simpson Brothers Gunshop in Cambridgeshire compares chambers and says why it is important to get cartridge length right. And Johnny Muston from R&K Stockcraft is trying out two popular airgun pellets, the JSB Hades and the JSB Exact, to see how good they are.

Here are the links to the people who took part in this show:

Orston Shooting Ground
Raytrade for the Yildiz SPZME Black Edition
CCI clays
Eley-Hawk cartridges
Rowland Watson & Thomas Wild Gunsmiths
Leica PRS
Simpson Brothers Gunshop
R&K Stockcraft
Cluny Country Guns

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