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The future for the sporting rifle – Fieldtester, episode 5 In this month’s Fieldtester show, Tim Pilbeam leads a group of 13 stalkers who shoot 100s of deer a year, to find out how good or bad copper bullets are. The aim is to group-test copper bullets and check it’s accurate and it kills. In this month’s show, we


Will steel bust your barrels? – Fieldtester, episode 3

  Some shotguns are steel-proofed, others aren’t, but what happens to your barrels when you put a lot of steel shells through them? In this episode of Fieldtester, we have 10,000 Eley steel carriages to put through a brand new Yildiz SPZME Black Edition 12ga shotgun. Find out what we


The Big ‘Green’ Shotgun Shell Test – Fieldtester, episode 2

    This month we go green and test the shotgun shells with the best eco credentials. Presented by David Wright, Jason Doyle and Tim Pilbeam with help from Jack Clutterbuck from Raytrade they examine the top products the manufacturers and distributors have to offer. Is it about steel is


Mythbusting copper bullets – Fieldtester episode 1

  It’s the first episode of our new monthly Fieldtester kit series, which comes with a whole Fieldtester section of the website devoted to shooting/hunting kit reviews. Visit In this film, Andrew Venables from WMS Firearms Training and Tim Pilbeam conduct the most comprehensive test of copper bullets they



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