350+ deer shot: the biggest test of non-lead hunting ammunition – Fieldtester, episode 7

Do lead alternative bullets kill deer? Do they ‘pencil’? do they perform at range, do they mushroom? In this experiment, 15 stalkers from Sussex to Scotland shoot more than 350 deer and catalogue the results. It is the biggest single field-test of non-lead ammo in the world.

They took the shots from 25 metres to more than 250 metres on five UK deer species over four months using multiple calibres from all the major manufacturers. With the help of some of  our stalkers, Tim Pilbeam explains what they found out. And the results coincide with the National Game Dealers Association voting to source non-lead-shot game from July 2022.

That’s not all. There’s a new optics manufacturer, Eyeskey, making a range of scopes and binos. Our stalkers try them out. Ian Hodge talks about best foxshooting rifle/scope packages and James Fowler from UK gun distributor RUAG reveals his best-selling rifle.

For more from Eyeskey, visit EyeskeyOptics.com

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