Carp Fishing With A Submarine – Fishing Britain, episode 13

It’s carp, carp and more carp this week, with the help of submarine/ROV expert Richard Chapman. He and Hywel Morgan couldn’t help themselves when they saw the slurping carp on the surface and just had to have a go with some dog biscuits. It looked so inviting, even Aaron the cameraman had a go.

This week’s Fishing Britain also sees that launch of the all-new Target Challenge and we start our leaderboard of ‘stars on a reasonably-priced seat box’.

The big D is on the FB NEWS. This week:
– Simply Red resolves a fishing dispute;
– One of the biggest catch-and-release you may have ever seen.
– A hammerhead shark takes a kayaker for a two-hour ride.
– A fisherman reels in a bald eagle.
– And a bunch of Americans try fishing with a hexacopter.

Pull out the popcorn, relax and watch some great underwater behaviour of carp and their reaction to 3kg of prime bait.

And the links for Hooked on YouTube are:
Nash TV
A’u Struck Sportfishing
M. Tup
Fishing Tube

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