Fast Fly Tying and Canal Pike hunting – Fishing Britain, episode 2

OK – could you arrive at a water, work it out, tie a fly and catch a trout in under two hours? That’s the challenge we set top flyfisherman Hywel Morgan. He is on a water in Monmouthshire in the depths of winter to do just that. Does he succeed? Find out in this week’s Fishing Britain.

That’s not all. Ant Glascoe Jr is after pike in Hampshire, we talk to the Wye & Usk Foundation, which has saved those rivers, there is our round-up of the best fishing videos of the week on YouTube and there is Fishing Britain news, including a goby that crawls up rocks with its mouth. Sounds fishy to us.

Here are the links:

120 Challenge


Wye & Usk Foundation


Here are the links for Hooked on YouTube:
Ronald Sutherland
Jack Perks
Yuri Grisendi
Ultimate Fishing

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