Pike on chocolate trout – Fishing Britain, episode 1

Fish, fishing and more fishing – it’s episode 1 of Fishing Britain, the new weekly show for coarse, game and sea anglers, with Welsh flyfishing ace Hywel Morgan. Want to know what fishing to do in January? In this week’s show:

Sweet tooth: Ant Glascoe Jr is trying to tempt pike with different tastes – a chocolate-flavoured trout and a curry-flavoured mackerel.

Submarine sensation: Richard Chapman takes an ROV underwater to see where carp lay up in the winter

School’s out: Hywel wants his daughter Yasmin to do her homework and the only way is if he catches more fish than her. They are out after trout on the fly.

Double-0 Severn: Charlie Jacoby dons a wetsuit to try and surf and fish the Severn Bore… just as the river bursts its banks. Don’t hold your breath (he doesn’t)

Fishing Britain News: the stories rocking the world of fishing – UK floods, Angling Trust auction and ice-fishing prank.

Here are the links:

Advanced pike attractants


Underwater filming big carp


Fishing with your daughter


Surfing the Severn Bore



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