Fishing Show – Sportfish open day 2013

Fishing tackle technology is the theme of this year’s Sportfish open day in May 2013. The tackle shop that overlooks a trout lake in Theale, Berkshire, UK, opened its doors to international fishing tackle companies including Sage, Loop, Wychwood and Hardy Greys, as well as agents such as Frontiers. It’s a show where anglers can meet the men and women who design their rods and reels, and get them to explain themselves first hand. There are casting showcases, flytying demonstrations, how to mend your waders, Charles Jardine is there, as are fishing organisations including BASS and the Salmon & Trout Association, good food, excellent company and all in the lovely setting of the Farlows Sportfish shop and trout lake.

This item first appeared in Fieldsports Britain, episode 181. To watch the whole show go to

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