Catching big African catfish

Charlie is flyfishing for catfish in the Northern Cape of South Africa, where every angler’s new favourite predator can grow up to 50lbs. They’re not

Bream wars in the Norfolk Broads

  Ben O’Rourke “The whole project about Hoveton Great Broad is about restoring clear water, using things like biomanipulation,” says Duncan Holmes, who has lived

Go spearfishing in the UK

Ollie Williams goes spearfishing in Cornwall with harpoon master Mat Coombe. Mat calls it ‘underwater deerstalking’ (and he loves his deerstalking, too). They are after

Trout – catch and cook

Game chef Cai Ap Bryn is hauling in brown trout and cooking them on an open fire. He is on a hunting trip with his

River Bush Salmon

The Bushmills Atlantic Salmon Research Centre is finding out what’s happening to Atlantic salmon growing up, leaving and returning to Northern Ireland. Jason Doyle meets

Fly fishing for Aberdovey Bass

Hywel goes out on Mat Rickard’s boat Mia Moo from Aberdovey with the intention of trying fly fishing for bass but due to weather Hywel

What is a Multiplier Reel?

Saul Page and George Cunningham explain how the multiplier reel works and what the main features are when you are looking for the one that

Sligo Trout Fishing during Mayfly

The mayfly hatch in Ireland like nowhere else. Jason Doyle is fishing for trout with Brendan Sharkey in Sligo during the mayfly season, and looks

Carp and barbel with Jan Porter

We’re groundbaiting and stalking carp and barbel at Bishops Bowl Fishery in Warwickshire with Jan Porter, one of the top coarse anglers of today and

Prince Charles’s Trout

We try for a fish on the River Dart in Devon. It’s some of the best-value trout fishing in England and it is available thanks

Wye & Usk Foundation

The future of our rivers rests heavy on the custodians that take on the protection of these environments. It’s not just about putting more fish

The Tunny Club

The Tunny Club

Imagine catching a fish weighing 891lb – and not having to go to the Indian Ocean or the Caribbean to do it. The Tunny Club

Underwater Filming of Big Carp

Underwater Filming of Big Carp

Dive beneath the water with Fishing Britain’s ROVTV and spy on some of the inhabitants that lurk in the depths. With some surprising finds, Richard


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