Foxshooter explains why he prefers Norma V-Max ammo

Foxshooter Doug Pocklington uses Norma V-Max 58 grain factory ammo in his .243 Tikka rifle. He likes it because it’s accurate and effective, and the bullet breaks up instantly when it hits anything. That eliminates any problems with ricochets, even on some of the stony fields where he operates.

“The bullet is so fast and light that whatever it hits, it just breaks up and dumps all its energy in the ground,” Doug says. “I can be confident that if I miss what I’m shooting at, I’m not going to get a nasty ricochet.”

It goes without saying that the ammo is plenty accurate enough out of the box, and the bullet has sufficient stopping power to put a fox down instantly with a good solid hit – so it’s the ricochet question that’s the deciding factor for Doug.

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