Why foxshooter Doug shoots a Tikka T3X Lite

Foxshooter Doug Pocklington loves his .243 Tikka T3X Lite rifle. “They’re a good all-rounder,” he says. “They’re reasonably priced, accurate and reliable.”

Doug says he depends on the Tikka’s accuracy for 200-300 rounds, until he decides it could do with a good clean.

“It’s scary accurate, but if I ever miss a fox or get a strike where I think I shouldn’t have, then I’ll go down to the range and shoot some paper. I’ll probably decide it needs a good clean, so I’ll do that and off we go again.”

Doug is in good company choosing the Tikka – the T3 was our viewers’ top centrefire rifle in our 2021 survey.

One viewer’s comment was typical of the praise heaped on the Finnish rifle: “A rugged accurate easily maintained rifle, not the most ornate but a great working tool.”

Find out more about Tikka rifles at GMK.co.uk

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