Cheap and quirky .410s are a blast to shoot

Everyone loves the little .410 – and why wouldn’t you? The guns are quirky and fun to shoot, and they’re cheap as chips. OK the ammo costs a little more than a 12 bore, but who’s counting when you’re smashing clays or controlling pests with a gun that’s so satisfying to own and use?

Dan Bibb from Shooting Sports UK takes three fascinating .410s out at Oakedge Shooting Ground, and has a blast shooting clays. He’s got a Falco over-and-under priced at £150, a Hushpower moderated single-barrel bolt-action at £175, and a folding single-barrel gun at £50.

“It’s not like buying a brand new Beretta Silver Pigeon where you’re going to give it a bit of thought. With these guns you can buy one on a whim,” says Dan. “The Falco gives the most familiar sight picture, but the bolt-action is a great choice for pest control, and the single-barrel is a nice little gun too, and a good training aid.”

Dan says this £175 moderated bolt-action .410 would be ideal for pest control

These particular guns are likely to be sold very quickly, but Dan says he makes sure to keep a range of interesting .410s in stock. “There are always plenty of options, and at under £200 you can’t go wrong.”

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