More squirrels than pheasants on farm shoot with Gareth Wyn Jones

Welsh farmer Gareth Wyn Jones is invited to join a pheasant day on a small family farm shoot in Herefordshire. Things don’t go to plan, and Gareth ends up with more squirrels than pheasants. No matter – it’s a lovely day out with family and friends, and that’s what really counts.

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Fulham Shooting Club

Look out, British countryside – the city boys are coming. The Fulham Shooting Club provides shooting days for all levels. Aimed at over-21s who live and work in and around London, it doesn’t matter whether you have never shot before or if you have won an Olympic gold medal for

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Dan Thor shoots at Fred the Gamekeeper’s

Instagram star Dan Thor has been invited to a lovely driven partridge and pheasant day by his friend Fred the Gamekeeper. He’s decided to leave his usual Miroku in the cabinet today, and he’s shooting an old favourite Browning 525. The wind is playing havoc with the birds, and Dan

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Rocketing fen partridges with a .410

JP Gaudin, The Seated Gun, is shooting fast-flying partridges at the Balsham Shoot near Cambridge. As if that wasn’t challenge enough, he starts with a 20-bore, then moves on to a .410 – and still manages to bring down some stunning birds with the little Eley Fourlong cartridges, to the

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Driven pheasants with the Browning 525 Composite

Browning shooter Elliot Roberts has got his hands on Browning’s brand new 525 Composite – and he’s taking it out at driven pheasants on the glorious Tillylair shoot, on the edge of Scotland’s Cairngorms National Park. This isn’t a typical driven game gun, but it’s Elliot’s first chance to try

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Ladies’ day at Childerley Sporting

With women making up less than 5% of shotgun certificate holders in the UK, Paul Childerley is on a mission to even the odds – he’s hosting a ladies’ driven partridge, pheasant and duck day on his shoot in Bedfordshire. The guns enjoy some quality shooting and a scrumptious lunch

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