Gateway 1 Pheasant Game wellies

Sergio Couto gives his boots a hard time. As a professional stalking guide, he’s out day after day in all weathers – and he’s very impressed with the Gateway 1 Pheasant Game wellies, a Danish brand that’s made in China.

“They’re tough, really tough,” he says, “Comfortable too.” He explains that the secret is something called Japanese rubber. “It’s not necessarily made in Japan, but it’s named after the rubber wheels that Japanese fishermen use on their nets. It’s made of laminated sheets of rubber with cotton mesh between the layers. It makes the rubber a lot tougher.”

Sergio says it's the Japanese rubber construction that makes these boots so tough

Sergio says that one of the big problems with shooters’ boots is the way we use them. We’ll go out in the wet, then sit in the car with the heater on. The rubber gets hydrated, then dried out, over and over again – and that leads to cracking of the rubber. “It’s not the manufacturer’s fault, but it’s just a fact of life for shooters like me. These boots resist cracking better than most.”

The Lynx Ice-Grip soles give good grip on difficult terrain

Another feature Sergio likes about the boots is the combined YKK side zip and adjustable gusset, which makes it easy to get your foot in and out, even if you have a larger calf. The boots have a glass fibre shank, 5mm neoprene lining and Lynx Ice-Grip patterned sole; they are comfort rated down to -10 degrees C.

Retail price is £200.

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