Gateway 1 Pheasant Game wellies

Sergio Couto gives his boots a hard time. As a professional stalking guide, he’s out day after day in all weathers – and he’s very impressed with the Gateway 1 Pheasant Game wellies, a Danish brand that’s made in China. “They’re tough, really tough,” he says, “Comfortable too.” He explains that the secret is something […]

Parliament pummels Packham over grouseshooting

by Ben O’Rourke BBC TV’s Chris Packham wanted a debate that would lead to a ban on grouseshooting. Instead, he got a resounding thumbs-up for the sport, for its environmental, economic and social benefits. MPs lined up to criticise the assumptions behind Packham’s Westminster Hall debate on Monday 21 June 2021. Again and again, they […]

Crow tree of doom Matt Turley asks Dan Thor to join him on his pig farm crow shooting duties in Somerset. First of all, up go the decoys into Matt’s newly erected ‘crow tree of doom’. Dan is more used to the corvid control they do in the Eastern Counties. So, is there a crow-shooting east-west divide? Matt […]

Scottish Aimpoint buck hunt Scottish deerstalker Sergio Couto specialises in shooting with iron sights. Paul Childerley enters into the spirit of it by using an Aimpoint sight on his Sako S20. Together, they go out after roebuck. For the Sako S20, go to Sako.fiPaul uses an Aimpoint H-1 sightTo go stalking with Sergio Couto, visit Find Paul Childerley on […]

Fieldsports Britain – roebucks and red dots

Paul Childerley is on a roebuck cull in Scotland with Sergio Couto. For this one, he wants to try an Aimpoint red dot sight on his rifle. Meanwhile, Matt Turley is hosting Dan Thor on a crow shoot in Somerset. And at Westminster, MPs line up to give Chris Packham a kicking over grouseshooting. It’s […]


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