Are you in a city? Do you know that you are less than an hour from guided deerstalking? – one of the best fieldsports around. Al Khametov works in London. He heads home to Surrey in the evening and then goes out to stalk deer. In the long evenings of high summer, the roebucks are rutting, which means they are out and about in the fields – which is a wonderful opportunity for Al. Here’s how he does it.

Here are some deerstalking guides in the London area:
▶ Cervus-UK
▶ Childerley Sporting
▶ County Deer Stalking
▶ Premier Wildlife Services / Jelen
There are lots of others and there are websites with deerstalker listings, too.

This film was first shown in Fieldsports Britain episode 452. To watch the whole show go to

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