Fieldsports Britain – After-Work Bucks

Just how easy is it to go stalking? Al Khametov shows how, from a standing start in the centre of London, he can end his day with a bumper evening of three roebucks. Meanwhile, Cai Ap Bryn is on pest control duty with the help of BSA, trying out the Defiant Bullpup. And Charlie previews […]

Get Started in Deerstalking

Are you in a city? Do you know that you are less than an hour from guided deerstalking? – one of the best fieldsports around. Al Khametov works in London. He heads home to Surrey in the evening and then goes out to stalk deer. In the long evenings of high summer, the roebucks are […]

On Test: BSA Defiant Bullpup

Cai Ap Bryn tries out the BSA Defiant Bullpup for accuracy (he shoots up a Fieldsports Channel share certificate) and for pest control. It’s a compact PCP designed to be discrete yet keep you on target. ▶ For from BSA, go to ▶ Cai’s website is ▶ Click here for all of Cai’s films […]


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