Gun rights activists march in California

Gun rights advocates have marched on the California state capital building in Sacramento. They say that the state’s gun control measures infringe their rights as American citizens.

California is making it illegal to own certain types of rifles. In July 2016, state lawmakers passed legislation outlawing rifles equipped with “bullet buttons” that allow for fast reloading. The ban did not take effect until January 2017.

California gun sales rose 50 percent in 2016 as residents rushed to buy the “bullet-button” rifles before they were labelled illegal assault weapons under the ban. Gun dealers processed 1.3 million gun sales last year, up by 450,000 from 2015. That’s the equivalent of one gun sold for every 30 California residents.

March organiser Jacob Shockley, says: “We’re tired of California lawmakers trampling on our gun rights.”

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