Gundog stolen from car at Exmoor shoot

Thieves took a black labrador from a car parked at an Exmoor shoot. Marg was snatched from a Toyota Hilux on 17 October 2020. The glossy black labrador has two small white hairs on her right shoulder.

Stolen: Marg

Owner Melanie Holley is heartbroken. She is getting help from Doglost and has set up a Facebook group to help her find Marg. Any information, please contact her on 07791547052. Alternatively, call police on  101 with information in relation to this theft quoting 5220235878.

Marg is one of the latest victims of dog theft in the UK, which this year has spiralled out of control amid a spike in prices and demand. Working dogs are prime targets.

A report by the BBC quotes staff from lost dog organisations blaming the coronavirus lockdown, saying demand has increased, raising prices to record levels and prompting criminals to take advantage. The Kennel Club reported a 168% rise year-on-year in people looking to buy puppies on its website from the start of lockdown to the end of May. Many of the stolen dogs are female and used for breeding. Several of the dogs that have been recovered were in pup.

On 19 October 2020, the English government held a  pet theft debate in Westminster Hall. This as a result of the two petitions both exceeding the 100,000 signatures required. However, a governmenbt minnster says that the existing penalties for dog theft are high enough, so no further action is likely to take place. Read the Hansard transcript  here or watch the video

Melanie has run a wide media campaign to get her dog back, including appearances on local TV and press.

Above: report on BBC Spotlight. Below: an article in the local newspaper about Marg


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