We’re sending Boris a tonne of letters

Let's remind the government who their friends are

Are you a hunter, shooter or fisher who enjoys your sport in the UK? Please can you write a letter to Boris Johnson to say how much you enjoy it, and what you are looking forward to this season? We want a lot of letters to reach him around the Glorious 12th August 2021. 

You can get political if you want to but you don’t have to. We have put suggestions for what to say below.

Write to Boris

Next: please can you send your letter or card (66p for a second class stamp in the UK) to Boris Johnson, 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA.

We are aiming for more than a tonne of letters.


Here's the clever bit

We want everyone to send us a copy of their letter – either a copy-and-paste or a photo of it – and we will produce a book, a single book (typos and all), that we can show off on television and, if we can arrange it, present it to the prime minister. You could even copy it to your local MP.

Send your letter to Charlie Jacoby at Fieldsports Channel by:

(plus, if you have put a stamp on your letter and it is sitting by the door waiting for August, we can send you a reminder to post it)

Be polite, be firm if you like, sign your letter or card clearly and add your address, constituency or county. Click on these letters to see examples of what we are writing.

Supposing he throws them away?

He can’t. We have the copies. This is all about creating headlines through the strength of our feelings.

We know that marching through London doesn’t work. Nearly half a million of us did that.

80,000 letters weighs about a tonne and it’s a good number to bandy around. If we get the same amount of people writing as went to the Liberty & Livelihood march, that will be five tonnes.

Isn't it a terrible waste of paper?

No. A tonne of paper sounds a lot but, in environmental terms, it’s not much. The government throws away more paper than that every few minutes.

If you like, make a virtue of sending him your letter on recycled paper, and add that you urge him to recycle it, too. 

Why do it now?

One of the big stories of 2021 is going to be the number of people who have taken up shooting and got their licence in the last year. What did the British public do during lockdown? It armed itself, with enormous interest in shooting its own meat. And not just shooting: interest in every fieldsports is at all all-time high. But lots of fieldsports are vulnerable to new rules, wheher that’s banning falconry or ferreting, restricting shooting or even trying to stop trailhunting. 

This is all about showing how popular fieldsports are. Boris could go the whole Carrie on all kinds of issues to do with fieldsports and the countryside. We want to remind him that our way is best – our way works.


This is a campaign idea by Melanie Newton and Simon Grace / Action Against Antis, coordinated by Fieldsports Channel 






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