How to move a gun collection

Moving to a new home can be stressful. Moving a gun collection with you more so. Mary Berger from US removals specialist Roadway Moving says what to keep in mind from the get-go



Comply with all laws for transporting guns

Since guns can cause danger when used improperly, it’s important to follow all the laws regarding their transportation during the move. In the USA, the laws about gun handling and transportation may vary from one state to another.

In the UK, there are central rules and advice from the Home Office, and separate advice from local police constabularies. You will already, for example, have consulted your new local firearms enquiry officer about any guns or ammunition that require shotgun or firearm licences. 

At Roadway Moving, we research all the applicable laws while we plan to move a gun collection. Please be aware that not all moving companies are happy to handle guns. Make sure you ask before you book them.

Prepare the guns for packing

Before you pack a gun collection, be sure to check them. Remove the ammunition and pack it / store it separately and safely. Although your guns aren’t  loaded, you should be extra careful by inspecting them thoroughly.

Next, write down the model, serial number, and the make so you have an inventory of the collection you are moving (as well as any inventory you my have on local firearms permits or licences). Having an inventory of the guns to be moved can go a long way in ensuring you’ll not miss anything while in transit. If something in the collection is lost or damaged, the inventory is a useful search tool, giving you peace of mind that you can easily find gun parts. 

Give this information to the moving company you’ve hired so they can keep track of the gun collection while they’re in transit. 

Pack guns safely

When moving a gun collection, it’s essential to pack them in a safe and secure manner. Bext choice for gun transportation is hard-shelled cases. If guns have no cases, one of the options is to cover them in a bubble wrap to provide a better layer of protection. 

Once you’re done with packing, make sure to label the moving boxes accordingly. To avoid panic and tension, it can be a good idea to label it ‘household items’ and not ‘guns’. Also, be sure not to seal the box yet as the professionals like packing and moving companies, may have to inspect the contents and make the necessary arrangements before you can finally seal the box and load it to the moving truck. From there, the moving company you hire will have the responsibility to take care of the items while being transported to the new location. 

Safe packing with Roadway Moving
Take precautions when moving on your own

If you’re relocating a gun collection without the help of professional movers, it’s important to take precautions. In the USA, the best advice is to pack and place guns or ammunition in a safe compartment which is out of reach of the driver and the passengers of the vehicle. The best place to keep them is in the trunk so nobody can easily access the gun collection while travelling. In the UK, the Home Office recognises the whole car as a safe place to carry guns, as long as they are out of sight.

Common sense tip: be sure not to move guns inside a gun safe, if you’re using one. 

It is worth making sure that  ammunition is separate from guns. In the US, that means putting guns in the trunk or boot of the car, while ammunition is in a box in the cab of the car. 

How to move a gun safe 

When moving a gun collection, it’s also vital to move gun safes properly and securely. If you are relocating a safe or safes with the help of experienced movers, it will be much easier and faster as they move gun safes the same way as they move other heavy items. 

If you plan to move the gun safely by yourself, you may need the assistance of your friends to get it done safely and securely. Be sure to cover the safe in bubble wrap or another protective covering to avoid damage during the relocation. For an accident-free moving process, you should load the gun safely into a dolly and transport it the same way you move your big appliances. 

The bottom line

A successful gun collection move avoids damage and danger. Follow the tips above and you’re good to go.


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