How vegan ‘terrorists’ wage war on British butchers

Terrorism is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

In this case, extremist vegans are smashing butchers’ shop windows, spray-painting their properties with foul language and gluing locks shut. Their goal is to spread fear in the meat industry.

Cleaned up: animal rights activists say they smashed a window in this shop after the owner removed their graffiti 


These terrorists are organised into local cells, including hunt saboteurs’ associations and militant vegan groups. Two groups in the same area will usually have the same members. Where they have their greatest effect, in the age of social media, is through centralised reporting.

Unlike al-Qaeda or Islamic State, you don’t have to poke around the dark web to find evidence of animal rights crimes. They are on social media for everyone to see.

Unoffensive Animal is a UK-based group that openly posts confessions to criminal damage and fear tactics against anyone its followers find offensive. It insists it is a ‘media platform’ and not involved in the crimes. It credits its reports to ‘anonymous emails’.

The UK police shut down its website in May 2020. In one of its first comeback posts on a new website based in Iceland, extremists threaten to go back to a butchers’ shop they attacked because the owners repaired their damage.

‘We’ll be back’: vegan vandals threaten to return to a butcher’s shop in Hove, England


There’s a saying that criminals like to return to the scene. Unoffensive Animal reports a second attack on another butcher in the Brighton area. The website also encourages more people to commit similar crimes.

‘Join us’: vandals enouraging others to commit crimes


The fact Unoffensive Animal solely posts stories on these kind of anti-meat attacks – or animal ‘rescues’ – leaves no doubt it supports the perpetrators, intimidation of victims and subsequent livelihood loss.

It claims it doesn’t know who the criminals are and if it did, it still would not ‘dob them in’.

“We do not care how much pressure the authorities put on us,” the group said in a post this week. “Even if we were able to know who takes action (and we truly, genuinely are not) we would not speak.”

Unoffensive Animal‘s followers cheered its first triumphant Facebook post after getting back online.

‘Much love’: comments on Facebook from followers of Unoffensive Animal


In it, the group whinged the ‘legal authorities’ were harrassing it, because it promoted the Nottingham attack that led to the police shutting down its website.

In not-very-hard-to-decipher code that includes “1cop1bullet”, the group appears to call for police to be shot:

“So to the cops reading this post: GO F*** YOURSELF. WE HAVE LOVE, WE HAVE PRINCIPLES AND WE BELIEVE IN CHANGE. WE WILL NOT BOW DOWN. 1312ACAB1cop1bullet,” the post warns. “Hopefully that makes things clear.”

Fieldsports News has forwarded a copy of this story to Iceland’s police and asked whether the country is providing a safe haven for terrorist propaganda. Unfortunately, Facebook rules that it allows this kind of terrorism on its platform. It calls it ‘free speech’.

Free speech: Facebook says this is OK

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