Howls from antis as four year-old learns to shoot

American gunsmith Buck Holly posted a video of his four-year-old daughter learning to shoot on the range. Little Noah can be seen shooting dad’s new 2017 PRS Tac Rifle with 77 gr .223 ammo in a film uploaded in 2016.

The video has since had more than 100,000 views and and become a lightning rod for pro-hunting and anti-gun activists. The antis’ message is ‘No weapons for kids’. The pros say: “The earlier you teach the better’.

Buck told MailOnline: “I would invite each and every one of [my critics] to come to the range with me and my family and participate in it. See how things really happen. They got to see a 30-second snippet of a little girl shooting. What they don’t see is the preparation that goes into it. They don’t see her asking and begging for more ammo. So I would tell my critics, feel free to criticize me. That’s our lifestyle. But before you criticize, come and try it and experience it for yourself.”

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